Lightwave Health Information Management System(LHIMS)

Lightwave Health Information Management System (LHIMS) is a highly flexible medical information management software platform for Health Service Providers, Patients which includes business conscious making capabilities for business and administrative decision makers.

LHIMS's flexibility allows it to manage Electronic Medical Records, Lab Management & Patient Engagement for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Lab Chains, Clinic Chains, Managed care networks & Wellness Providers

The LHIMS EHR helps improve the Health of People and Populations through improved Information.

Our electronic health record (EHR),improves the quality of healthcare by delivering accurate data in a timely fashion to clinical service settings as well as public health organizations.

The LHIMS EHR supports key health strategies for countries at all stages of healthcare and digital maturity. The LWEHS team is an expert at assessing EHR requirements at all levels of health jurisdictions. Our abilities coupled with 100s of years of collective engineering expertise has helped create LHIMS. LHIMS's flexbility allows it to be setup for each level of healthcare jurisdiction from the community level to the national level.

What can LHIMS do? It can:

  • Identify and address the requirements of diverse and numerous stakeholders
  • Support clinical and public health services at all tiers of the healthcare system
  • Provide a 360 degree view of a patient's health by pulling in information from all departments
  • Better coordinate care.
  • Securely share information with patients and their family caregivers over the Internet and Mobile Phones.
  • Help doctors diagnose health problems sooner and reduce medical errors.
  • Support exchange of data across the public-private healthcare systems.

LWEHS Can Help

  • Establish effective training programs for ICT and fill gaps in the ICT workforce
  • Accelerate technology adoption by creating policy and activities to support change in healthcare working culture
  • Establish standards to support data architectures, data exchange, and to ensure data security and privacy
  • Establish a national e-health/ICT architecture with associated standards

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